Daily Spewing.

There is a lighting storm tonight.

Not my favorite.  I prefer the kind with rain. 


Especially since it’s likely hitting 90 tomorrow.

I hate it when spring becomes summer too early.

I plan to take the kids to the pool all. effing. day.


I took them to Family Dollar today and we bought water balloons and a cool thing to fill them sans hose and that was fun for about an hour.  And then it broke, and then The Boy wasn’t able to cope with the change in plans and that was that. 

We had rehearsal tonight.

Things went well.  It’s not often I can say that when I’m acting.  Usually someone is an idiot and I come home frustrated.  Sometimes the idiot is me.  Often it’s some other doofus.  Tonight things clicked.  It was fruitful and good.

I also ran.  I think I put in a decent workout.  Coach was happy. 

I realized I am not a modest person.

I also realized that I love stage managers even when I’m an actor.  Thank G-O-D for stage managers.  Without them, we would be a tech rehearsal all fucking night.

In other news, I wish I could afford to take ballet every day of the week.  It would kick my ass but I would be a damn good dancer.  And that’s really the goal in everything, right?  To be a damn good dancer?  Because, really, when it comes right down to it, the dance is the thing that matters.

And that has been your daily spewing from Veronica Swift.


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