My mother-in-law tried to take the children out tonight.


I say tried because ten minutes after they left we got a phone call. 


The kids were fighting in the back seat and she didn’t know what to do. 

This baffles me, because she raised my  husband and his brother and I assume that they were not perfect and maybe sometimes fought in the backseat of the car… but whatever.

She asked for my FIL and my husband to come and help her deal with the situation.

I am still clueless as to why she didn’t just pull over and tell them to get it together and take the thing they were fighting over since it didn’t belong to either of them anyway… but I digress.

Two minutes after FIL and Ed left the phone rings at the house and I answer, and it’s MIL, and she’s obviously upset and says she’ll just call Ed’s phone when I tell her the men already left.

An hour later and I haven’t heard from anyone so I call Ed.

Find out my MIL drove the car into the curb because of her distraction because of the kids fighting. 

This is already mortifying, but more so because she did this just last week as well – not with our kids, just her alone in the car and had to pay $700 in damages to get things re-aligned and whatnot.  And she is jobless and my FIL just took a paycut to get a job he doesn’t hate.  SO… they are going to have another bill for car repairs and I feel ridiculously guilty about this.

I called my mom and she said I shouldn’t feel bad.  MIL decided to take the kids out and she didn’t have to do it – it’s not like I asked her or something.  She also chose to keep driving when any sane person would have pulled over.

I get this, but I’m still mortified. 

I love that my children are strong willed, awesome, independent people – but at moments like this I wish they had a switch that would make them briefly docile.


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