No Ice Cream

So… pretty sure I’m allergic to milk. 


I get sick every time I eat dairy.  Ice cream.  Cheese. 


I like dairy.

So this pisses me off.


I’m also pissed because my son was forced to appease my FIL who was on a tirade tonight because he was having a shitty day or was tired or something.  I could see him using all of his strength not to lash out at my son.  It was my kid’s birthday party for crying out loud.  He’s allowed to reach across the table to eat a Twizzler.

Anyway – not a hugely eventful day – at least not compared to yesterday. 

I am sort of looking forward to leaving here because I am never super content at the in-laws – but we are going back to our home state tomorrow and I am nervous out of my mind.  Is Edith going to be there and on the warpath?  Am I going to feel all sad that we aren’t living there anymore?  Am I going to be able to handle all the feelings of obligation that I know are going to creep up on me the minute we get into town? 

I’m not sure how to handle all the bullshit.  I’m glad we haven’t told many people we’re going to be around.  I hope that the word hasn’t spread too far.  I’d like to just lay low and get out as soon as humanly possible. 

Time will tell.  I’ll keep you updated.


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