On the Warpath

Edith is on the warpath.


I’m so paranoid.  I mean, seriously.

My brother, The Cop, is fantasizing about going to her house with his wife The Twisted Sister with a glock.  For The Cop, this is not that far off of something that could happen in his reality.  And considering his position, he could easily be back by police forces and never ever even go to trial.  That happens.

But while I’m thankful for him and all his defensiveness of me, and for the Twister Sister’s TRULY twisted thoughts about how to deal with this (think combo archery, torture, and glock) – I realize that these are unlikely scenarios.  More likely is me.  By myself. 

So I went and got some serious pepper spray from the gun store today.  And I signed myself up for my first krav maga class.  Because screw feeling powerless.  I’m so done with that.  Carrying yourself like a victim makes you a victim, and I am so sick of being a victim.


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