I just finished watching my first episode of Mad Men.

I’m glad I watched it.  I needed a little shot of confidence to remember who I am by remembering who I was.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been involved in the man and woman games.  It’s been since college.

The thing is, I’m pretty damn good at it when I want to be.

If there are games to be played, then play on, player.

I play players.

It’s funny because The Ex made a point of telling me the last time I saw him that he had a lot of game now that he was married.

Kind of made me want to slap him in the face.  He talked all about how he knew several women who would sleep with him if he was interested.

Well good for him.

There’s no one out there as good as me.

Oh.  There might be better lovers.  But there are no better minds.

I’m so tired of letting myself get shat on.

It was only after him that I realized how much I was really worth and started pursuing Ed, honestly.  It was only after him that I decided it was the best or nothing and I was worth the best.  I remember sitting down with a friend over milkshakes and talking about how I’d decided I wanted to just be single for awhile.  He laughed at me.  Didn’t think it was something that I could do.

I, of course, saw that as a personal challenge.  I’m pretty great at personal challenges.

Sigh.  I am so frustrated because I am continuously interrupted.  It’s impossible to complete a task in my own home.  Impossible.  I understand why the men in Mad Men continually stay away from their wives who live in the suburbs and spend night after night at the city.  At least you have a chance to keep your head on straight.


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