Cast List

Veronica – that’s me.  The writer.  Learn more about me by clicking on the “About” tab… or reading more of this blog.

Ed – The Hubby.  Musician, caretaker, sanity keeper, trash taker-outer, lover

The Boy – My son.

The Little – My daughter.

Edith – My stalker.  Yes.  Really.

Mom – My Mother.  Frustrating pessimist turned good friend and confidant.  I talk to her on the phone at least every other day.  She always talks to me about homosexuality.  I told her last Christmas I found women attractive.  She didn’t freak out.

Dad – My Father.  Pastor of a church in Small Town, America.  Hunter.  Creative genius.  Depressed.  I get all my shit from him.  The good shit.  And the bad shit.  Conservative.

The Cop – My younger brother.  And yes, he carries a badge in the inner city.

The Twisted Sister – my sister in law.  Huntress with a concealed carry permit.  Daylights as a dog groomer.

The Pansexual Porn Star – former student turned close friend who makes indie feminist porn

The Professor – my former acting professor who is the most elegant woman on the face of the planet.  With the most elegant voice.  She just left her husband and became vegan and all sorts of other radical shit.

The College Roommate – one of several of my roommates, but this one feels like the only “real” one.  She knows me better than I know me, and ten years from now if we never talk in between, we’d be able to pick up right where we left off and maybe even go deeper with each other than before.

The Ex Boyfriend – If he lived closer I’d be sleeping with him far more frequently.  Also…  if he told his wife.  Computer analyst.  Kilt wearer.

Mr. S. – romantic interest and possible future lover.  Musician.  Philosopher.

Others will feature and may or may not be added to this list.  These are the most active and principal characters in the piece.  Thus far.


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